COVID-19 is becoming one of the most disruptive forces in how we currently work and live. Because of the public health concerns and extreme challenges, epidemiologists and scientists worldwide are searching for ways to mitigate—or eliminate—the COVID-19 threat.

Ultimately, copper is a wonderful metal that has immensely useful properties. But having said this, copper’s role in fighting COVID-19 is more complex than many may believe. That’s why it is worthwhile to explore copper’s antimicrobial properties and the metal’s relationship with COVID-19.


An Element That Is Designed to Target Viruses

Epidemiologists and scientists didn’t randomly think of copper as a way to fight the coronavirus. If you look through history, you can find plenty of examples where copper was used effectively in the fight against infectious diseases.

Ultimately, copper is proven to be naturally antimicrobial. It has virus-killing powers and can even help guard against mold. For these reasons, cities and countries around the world are looking to leverage copper into high-contact surfaces in public places to eliminate much of the surface-level threats from the coronavirus.

Public, high-traffic places are perfect for copper because pedestrians tend to touch the same surfaces. If those surfaces are made from copper, there is a dramatically reduced chance of spreading viruses once multiple individuals come into contact with those same surfaces. That said, it’s important to understand the expectation when it comes to Covid19.


Copper’s Relationship to COVID-19

When considering the power and effectiveness of copper to fight viruses, it is natural to think that copper can be a real game-changer in fighting COVID-19. But there is some disappointing news. No current research data is proving that copper can kill COVID-19.

Unfortunately, there have been some articles and blog posts that suggest that copper can eliminate COVID-19. But no scientific data exists to back this up. COVID-19 is still a new disease. We continue to learn more about it every day. However, we know at this point that you should not purchase products incorporating copper with the explicit expectation that they will offer protection from the coronavirus.


Here are a few essential things that you should know about copper’s power against viruses:

  • The longevity of copper’s antimicrobial activity is extremely compelling. Brass surfaces in Grand Central Terminal, for instance, continue to resist microbes on surfaces—even though they were installed decades ago.
  • Scientists observing the killing of viruses on copper surfaces noted that it could occur in less than one minute.
  • Even though it cannot protect surfaces from COVID-19, copper can still protect surfaces from a wide range of viruses and pathogens. It can always be a great idea to invest in products incorporating copper to provide general virus and pathogen protection on surfaces.
  • Copper alloys can be great ideas for highly-trafficked places like shopping centers, military bases, cruise ships, airports, hospitals, hotels, and any business environment.

While it is not yet proven that copper can defeat COVID-19, it still has its place in protecting the public from viruses and diseases. It is often a valid investment and doesn’t hurt to increase the adoption of products integrating this metal, where it makes sense and will have the most impact.


The Performance of Copper for Locks

There is no doubt that copper works actively as a powerful virus killer, making it a perfect finishing property for locks, doorknobs, and other fittings that may be exposed to high traffic and human interaction. For instance, you can find copper-plated locks with copper handles. But, do not purchase one of these locks, with the expectation that it will protect you and your people from Covid-19.


TownSteel Copper Custom Builds

At TownSteel, we offer all our locks with custom builds incorporating copper. Although you’ll be getting antimicrobial protection with copper finishes, it’s critical everyone coming into contact with these locks continues to follow Covid-19 safety practices of continuing to wash hands frequently after contact with public surfaces.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our custom orders.