Innovative technology is constantly changing how the world operates, develops, and transforms. New technology is being applied to the security market to streamline access control systems, and this market has seen a skyrocketing demand for electronic solutions. With a growth projection of 10 percent from 2020 to 2025 and an estimated USD 15 billion market size, a good portion of its success stems from the many advantages that digital control systems have over traditional lock and key access.  


MODERN Hotel with electronic access system and keyless doorlocks


What Is It?

Electronic access control system: Access controlled by a virtual platform that allows the administration to selectively track and manage entry. Conventional methods of access control rely on physical systems with a lock and key. By using the internet, electronic structures can filter access from anywhere in the world. 


4 Different Types of Access Control


  • Manual access control relies on humans to regulate who enters and exits certain access points. Grounds that only require basic qualifications for entry will often use this type of access control– for example, a person presenting their ticket to an usher. The usher is considered to be the manual control as he or she regulates the point of access. The downside to this method is the employment cost and potential human error that would allow unauthorized people to enter.


  • Mechanical access control uses traditional door locks and keys to secure a location. This is typically found in homes, private bathrooms, and garages. As keys are usually misplaced, mechanical access control systems lack reliable security because anyone with the key can enter.

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-factor authentication requires one to provide credentials in two separate areas. For example, to enter a dorm building a student must scan their ID, and to get into their room they must use their key. Credentials that would allow access can vary from PIN, keycard, key, and more. Multi-factor authentication can be a hybrid of any of the mentioned access controls. 


  • Electronic control enables administrators to remotely manage access, such as adding or revoking user access, solely relying on software. It is also capable of managing multiple sites and under a single system. Best fit for buildings with high security, this type of access control secures perimeters using a card, chip, or other fobs at specific readers. Without the need for any physical hardware, this type of system is high in demand for its ability to seamlessly meld convenience and security. 

Why You Need It

    • Improved security: An electronic-based access control system makes it easier for
      RFID keyless scan card for doors. easy entry access and high security
      TownSteel’s e-Genius 5000

      businesses with multiple locations to monitor, maintain and centralize their entire infrastructure from one device. This makes it easier to integrate existing security measures into the framework of the digital space. 

    • Simplifies entry: This type of system uses innovative tech like RFID and Bluetooth entry that streamlines the process of entering a building. 
    • Scalable: The size of the software and its capabilities can easily be adjusted to a business’s needs. 
    • Flexible: Electronic access control forgoes the need for any physical credential that may have to be replaced once a new feature is added. The access system can easily be tailored to your company’s requirements. 
    • Convenient: With an online access control system, temporary guest passes can be created and eliminated in an instant. There is no longer a need to physically meet someone to grant them access.

Are Electronic Access Controls Safe?

Digital encrypted credentials are much safer on a server that very few people have access to. On top of this, all files on the server are encrypted making it far more difficult for hackers to get their hands on. As cyber-attacks evolve, so does the software–service providers will consistently update security measures to prevent any unwanted activity. Servers utilize highly complex security methods that give your stored data an added level of protection. 


Maxx Access

TownSteel’s Maxx Access is an on-premise access management system designed to maximize and simplify security for multifamily properties and hotels. Research shows that with 52% of millennials preferring smart entry alternatives, these properties will see a spiked demand for smart access systems like Maxx Access.  

Unique features & benefits:

  • Integrates access control and elevator control
  • Generates multi-activity reports
  • Secured with multiple levels of encryption 
  • Provides audit trails 
  • Convenient guest key cancellation and replacement

This control system operates on-site on your trusted servers and PCs, giving you full control of who accesses it. Maxx Access and its ability to manage access for hundreds make it the perfect smart security system for highly populated properties. An exceptionally intelligent structure is the key to creating an efficient, safe, and optimized space. TownSteel also offers a wide variety of electronic locks and readers that support the Maxx Access System.


Electronic access control system with high security features for multifamily and hotels


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