Make your home stand out in the competitive real estate market. Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with these home-staging tips. 

Staging a home is beneficial for sellers because it can drive up the selling price average of a home. Sellers have a lot to gain from staging, so it makes sense for them to put in the time and effort. Luckily, many of these tips do not require a lot of money. If done right, these tips will make your home memorable and appealing to many buyers.


Pare Down Furniture

For a home buyer, one of the most important factors is how spacious the house is. Clutter can be a major turn off and excess furniture is a major contributor to this. When professional stagers prepare a home for the market, they will often remove half the furniture in a home to give an illusion of a more open floor plan. Creating space is not only limited to clearing out furniture, but it also includes maximizing the surface on everything from counters to couches. Avoid a cluttered look by removing picture frames, extra pillows, magazines, and anything that fails to charm buyers. 



It’s important to create a space where potential buyers can see themselves living in. The best way to accomplish this is by removing the personal items in your home. This includes family photos, personal collections, toiletries, your kids’ artwork, and so on. You want to keep items that give your property style and charm but store away any personal touches. One of the primary objectives of staging a home is to create a blank canvas for prospective buyers to help them visualize the space as their own. Create a house that buyers can imagine as their home. 


Stick to Neutrals

This staging tip takes more time and effort, but it can make a huge difference for prospective buyers. A bold color palette can be used to express personality through a home, but this can have a negative impression on potential buyers. Similar to the previous tip, you want to create a space where anyone and everyone can imagine themselves in. Consider the color palette of your walls, decor, and furniture. Sticking to neutrals is an essential staging tip because it transforms a home into a blank canvas for buyers to get creative with.  Buyers might want bright colors themselves, but a neutral home gives them the option to do that – or not.

Here are a few great color suggestions:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Grey
  4. Beige
  5. Cream



Let There Be Light

Don’t be afraid to open all the blinds and let as much light shine as possible. Brightening up spaces makes rooms seem bigger and better. Dark rooms are unwelcoming and create an illusion of a smaller room. If your property doesn’t get too much sunlight, opt for artificial lights and turn on all the lamps, closet lights, and chandeliers. When it comes to light, more is always better.




Sometimes, all it takes for a house to stand out to a buyer is its modern features. Remember, modernizations do not have to be complete renovations. Many of these upgrades are simple– many of them weekend DIY projects that don’t break the bank. They can be as easy as painting cabinets, upgrading bathroom vanities and countertops, and getting new appliances. Smart homes are the hottest trends in the real estate market.

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Smart devices are a great investment for your home because of their high ROI (return on investment). A survey done by Coldwell Banker & T3 Sixty shows that 82% of real estate agents believe that smart home tech facilitates a home sale. These days, potential buyers are looking for a home that already comes with smart tech that makes security smarter and life easier. Not sure which upgrade to make? Replacing a traditional front door lock with a keyless electronic lock is the perfect place to start.


The first thing a potential buyer will see is your front door, and a modern lock with a sleek design will be eye-catching. TownSteel offers a variety of ANSI grade 1 electronic locks that make the implementation of high-security systems effortless. The e-Genius is especially popular with residential and multi-family spaces because of its ability to make home access easier all while making it more secure. The e-Genius is equipped with technology that allows entry through your smartphone or even an RFID keycard/stickers. We offer a variety of different finishes to fit the aesthetics of any property and installation is simple– it only requires a screwdriver. Make a good first impression by using the best product on the market.