Modern rental properties will almost always use smart access control systems. With the vast capabilities of technology, traditional keys are becoming a hassle meant for the past. Smart solutions like electronic access controls and keyless locks are great replacements that will simplify and secure all access points. Having modern security eliminates the expense of replacing keys and locks and allows you to invest that money in valuable amenities for your tenants. All rental properties are different, each with its respective accommodations. So it is important to know that smart access solutions are not one-size-fits-all. The overall objective of smart solutions is to make managing access within a large property easier, not harder. Smart access solutions have a lot to offer for any multifamily property, but the first step is to figure out which one is the best fit for you. 


Identify all access points that need to be secured

Since every property has different access points, solving these challenges requires a flexible approach. Consider which areas need smart access– access management is not only limited to both the building and unit, but is also applicable to parking garages, fitness rooms, pools, maintenance closets, offices, and more. Some doors are easy to forget, so it is important to comb through the property to see which locks need to be changed. Keep in mind that it is usually more cost-effective to expand access controls to all doors instead of paying for a comprehensive system for only a handful of locks. 


Decide on the best credential type for each user

There are various credential types for certain access points within a property. Like the smart system itself, individual locks are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Shared entrances such as pools, elevators, parking garages, and fitness rooms will require different credentials from private units.


  • PIN Codes are ideal for both long-term and short-term rental properties. Its ability to easily manage access through customized codes allows for seamless control. PINs can also be programmed to allow short-term guests a self-expiring code and can even be temporary PINS for maintenance and cleaning crews. 


  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a modern method of identification. It uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. RFID is a convenient method of access for multifamily properties and can be used in various forms: proximity cards, stickers, key fobs, and more. Contactless credentials are a great credential type for multifamily properties, however, they are generally not needed for residential vacation rentals.


  • Smartphone credentials allow your guests to use their phone’s Bluetooth for contactless access. Similarly to RFID, they can simply hold their phone near the lock to unlock the door. However, this credential type requires guests to download an app and have Bluetooth enabled on their smartphone. For short-term rentals, some guests would find this method to be inconvenient. 

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Benefits of using smart access control

Automate access for short-term rentals

  • Property owners can unlock a new source of revenue by allowing tenants to rent out their units to short-term guests. Almost 2 million people a night use the popular platform, Airbnb, to find short-term rentals. Revenue from these rentals is projected to grow by 7% per year and is a great opportunity for property investors. With smart access control systems, you can easily streamline vacation rental access by providing self-expiring access codes to guests. Now, guests no longer have to find a lockbox and rely on a traditional key to get in. You can also choose which areas of your property each guest should have access to, allowing you to exclude shared spaces like laundry, pool areas, or entire floors.

Self-guided tours 

  • With smart access control systems, you can provide potential tenants with temporary access to certain parts of the property so they can take a self-guided tour. Traditional methods require someone to be onsite to unlock the property, which can be a hassle for both parties. Smart solutions streamline the entire process and save you time and money. Self guided tours in multifamily housings with smart access systems

Manage services

  • Smart access controls make it easy to centralize access to service workers. You can schedule housekeeping access, track when cleaners enter and exit your property, monitor delivery workers, and more. A great benefit of smart controls is that you can quickly add or revoke access for unplanned maintenance or schedule changes. You’re always in complete control of your property’s access.


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