Installing the TownSteel e-Genius may seem daunting if you’ve never installed a door lock before, but do not worry.  By following this guide, you will have upgraded your door lock in no time!

Please select the guide that matches your door prep and model specifications:

e-Genius 2000 4″ center-to-center

e-Genius 2000 5.5″ center-to-center

e-Genius 4000/5000 4″ center-to-center

e-Genius 4000/5000 5.5″ center-to-center

Center-to-center distances are measured between door prep holes. Meaning from the center of the top hole to the center of the bottom hole is 4″ or 5.5″.

4" center-to-center door prep
This is an example of a 4″ spacing between door preps.
5.5" center-to-center door prep
This is an example of a 5.5″ center-to-center door prep.













In general, we advise against the use of a power drill aside from drilling holes, as the power tool could potentially damage the lock.

Please make sure to follow the instructions step-by-step and you are sure to have your door lock upgraded in no time!

Here is a time-lapsed installation video for a summary of the e-Genius installation on a block. This block install example can be easily replicated on an actual door! Notice that the installer ensures the deadbolt is extended during the installation and also verifies that the deadbolt can be retracted/thrown before completing the install:


Stuck on a particular step or having some trouble? Please contact our customer service number to have one of our associates guide you back in the right direction: (877)858-0888