Ligature Resistant Door Hardware Safety Solutions


For the past 14 years, TownSteel has been at the forefront of innovation regarding critically important lock solutions in behavioral health technology. We were one of the first in the United States to introduce conical knob ligature-resistant products. The first generation of this product quickly grew in popularity and continued with the second-generation introduction of lever trims to the U.S. market, and TownSteel was the first manufacturer of the levered cylindrical ligature resistant lock.


Innovating to Meet an Urgent Compliance Need

The need to protect patients at risk is critical. The Joint Commission assesses all psychiatric hospitals, hospitals with mental health clinics or wards, as well as all behavioral mental health agencies. These inspections are raising the bar on their ligature-resistant requirements.

The topic of safety and security brought about a conversation regarding door hardware. Traditional door hardware products focused more on appeal while this is of less importance for behavioral health, incarceration facilities, and the like. The probability of patient risk could be significantly reduced with the help of the door hardware industry. There was now a large gap in the safety and security of door hardware for the healthcare industry.

TownSteel filled in a major challenge in ADA compliance faced by Behavioral Health Facilities across the United States. The industry was in desperate need of a ligature-resistant solution to a major ongoing problem.

TownSteel’s ligature-resistant locking solution gained massive traction in the industry, setting a high benchmark for door hardware innovation.

With forward-thinking matched only by industry expertise and strong capabilities as an organization, TownSteel gained marketplace leadership in a very short period of time. TownSteel worked with the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH) to continue developing and bringing innovative products to the market. Further deepening our strong commitment as the standard-bearer for ligature-resistant products.


Innovation Continues with New Products in The Pipeline

The first innovation was with the conical knob in ligature-resistant door technology. The levered lock would soon follow to meet ADA compliance. As compliance needs change over time, TownSteel responds to each compliance update with continued product innovation.

The 3rd generation of design includes the latest 5-point ligature resistant products – CRXA and MRXA that meet new stricter patient safety requirements. Along with these products, TownSteel is proud to introduce a standalone touchpad RFID model MRXA version.


MRXA Grade 1 Mortise with 5-point Ligature Resistant Trim: Designed for housing patients and individuals at risk, this lock meets or exceeds all performance testing of ANSI A156.13 Grade 1 mortise locks. Mortise body is UL listed for a 3-hour fire door.





CRXA 5-Point Ligature Resistant Cylindrical with 5-point Ligature Resistant TrimThis heavy-duty ANSI/BHMA A156.2‐2011 Grade 1 certified lock meets the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Buy American Act. It is UL 10C 3-hour rated and is OMH of New York State approved.





What Defines a Ligature Resistant Lock?

According to The Joint Commission – “The most common ligature fixation points being a door, door handle, or door hinge, hospital mental health areas and behavioral health centers should conduct careful environmental assessments to ensure that door handles and door hinges are “ligature resistant.”

Simply put, any room, any wing, or any building that houses patients at risk (for 10 mins or 10 years) must have ligature-resistant door products installed and maintained.


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