Everything You Need to Know About Maxx Access:

TownSteel’s High-Security Access Management System


Access management is a significant investment for multifamily properties and hotels. Residents and guests want convenient, fast entry solutions that are also secure. Management and staff are looking for ways to enhance security while simplifying the efficiency of daily operations, workflows, and troubleshooting problems.

Maxx Access Management System is a comprehensive, advanced offline PC-based access management solution. Designed by TownSteel for enhanced user experience and security, the proprietary management software offers centralized administration and control of sites scalable to your needs. It’s a complete solution to hotels and multi-housing all in one intelligent, secure system.

Some of the system’s top features impacting multi-housing and hotels can tailor access privileges to staff or guests quickly and easily using the intuitive, user-friendly software. Single-door architecture makes specifying, installing, and maintaining the system secure yet straightforward. Advanced features include integrated access control and elevator control. Plus, you can quickly generate multi-activity reports in a few clicks. 


Features & Benefits

Here’s a breakdown of what the Maxx Access System delivers that makes it a powerful single system with unique features and benefits:



Maxx Access Total Lock Solutions

Maxx Access works with a wide range of TownSteel lock solutions, including our new electronic lock series.



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