How the E-Genius Interconnect Electronic Lock is 

a Game-Changer to Multi-Housing Security and Management



Houses and condos have enjoyed keyless locking solutions for years. Now, this exclusivity is extending to multi-housing communities with the increased demand from property managers seeking advanced security management of their buildings.

Findings of 2017 survey*:

  • 86% of millennials were willing to pay ~20% more for smart apartment features, including automated or controlled systems, specifically smart locks.
  • 61% of Gen Y were more likely to rent an apartment with a keyless entry smart lock.
  • 55% of Gen Y said they would also be willing to pay more for high-tech door locks.

Electronic door locks are making entry and egress control easy while keeping the premises very secure for residents. Importantly, multi-housing solutions using electronic locks deliver essential reporting capabilities to support the overall physical security and efficient management of the complex. Time and money, for example, are saved when residents move out and keep the keys. No need for costly lock maintenance calls. Also, simply program a new keycard, and cleaners, painters, maintenance staff, etc., have the necessary access.


The TownSteel e-Genius Multi-Housing Impact

TownSteel’s innovative e-Genius interconnect lock is making a significant difference to multi-housing management for a few good reasons:

The e-Genius is the only electronic access system with a revolutionary patented design providing the ability to easily lock and unlock an interconnected dead-latch and deadbolt with a single lift of the lever from inside and outside of the property.

It is a security game-changer delivering a verifiable audit trail that provides liability protection in that it:

  • Shows exactly what has happened at the door, at any time of the day/night.
  • Provides secure information that can be used as evidence in court cases.
  • Customized reporting features include:
    • Entry times with code validation for multi-user profiles.
    • Temporary user keycard assignment with schedule activation and deactivation for contractors, cleaners, etc.
    • Time zone control.
    • Remote opening.
    • Online real-time control.

TownSteel has a full line of access control products for all entrances in controlled areas of a multi-housing complex, e.g., gym, pool area, common areas, and business center, etc. See our website for more information. 

Reach out to speak with a TownSteel Multi-Housing expert to learn more about the best property management system for your needs. Contact now.


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*Research Source: Schlage and Wakefield Research, 2017


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